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End-O-Road Maple

100% Pure Vermont
Maple Syrup

(click on picture of the sugar house for directions)

Welcome from the Neill Family.
Here at End O Road Maple we enjoy making Maple Syrup the old fashion way....

Come stop by and see how Vermont Pure Maple syrup is made from the hills of Jericho.


Open house 2009 photos

Open house 2006 photos

Open house 2005 photos

Open house 2003 photos

Amber Rich and Dark Robust
100% Pure
Vermont Maple Syrup

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glass maple leaf bottle
8.5 oz Syrup in glass maple leaf $ 15.00
+$4.00 shipping

Maple Jugs
Amber Rich and Dark Robust
Maple Syrup


Gallon $52.00 + shipping

Half Gallon $30.00

Quart $ 18.00

1 pint Maple Syrup $ 9.00

1/2 pint Maple Syrup $ 5.75

unless specified syrup will be whichever we have on the shelf
Specify grade in special instructions on order form


all prices are without shipping
Shipping will be calculated in the next step of the order

Thank you for your interest in our product every effort will be made to fill orders within three days of receipt [usually the following weekend] but due to the nature of our operation and other job obligations it may take two to three weeks for shipment. We will contact you if there is a delay in sending your order.

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Pure Vermont Maple Cream

8 oz Maple Cream $10.00 + s&h

Pure Vermont Maple Candy

8 oz Maple Candy $10.00 + s&h


Check out Mountain Views video series for a segment on End-O-Road Maple.

Open house 2015

Open house 2014

Open house 2013

Open house 2011


Open house 2010

Open house 2009 photos

Dean making sugar on snow

John, coming out of the barn

Herb talking sugering, .

John, getting more wood!



Open house 2006 photos

Open house 2005 photos

Open house 2003 photos

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